What are impact experiences?

Impact experiences are curated programmes providing meaningful social impact, while nurturing self-discovery, enhancing personal development and increasing team synergy.


How it benefits you

Real-life experience

Directly apply learnings to real world situations

Challenging Environment

Motivating environment of growth & learning

RIpple Out Positivity

Connect with people working together towards a noble goal


Current Impact Experiences

Impact Experience

The GoodBuilder

An engaging and interactive 2-day workshop where participants build for Community Partners. Engaging creative thinking, cooperation and teamwork to effectively use our hearts, heads and hands to make an impact.

Impact Experience

The LifeBuilder

A holistic learning programme in partnership with Epic Homes. Combined with curated training modules by Epic DNA, aimed to create impact for yourself, your team and the community.



Looking to customise a training?

Let us know about your needs and we’ll get back to you with how we can personalise a training module for you.